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What is Direct Placement Staffing and is it right for my business?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Direct placement staffing (AKA direct hire staffing) is a service provided by a staffing agency to a company that is looking for specialized assistance in recruiting a full-time employee. Staffing agencies play a crucial role in the hiring process for companies of all sizes, especially in today challenging recruitment market. Many HR and Talent attraction professionals prefer to rely on the expertise and extensive resources of a staffing agency rather than using an internal human resources team.

A company typically outsources their direct hire process when they do not want or are unable to tie up their valuable resources with the time-consuming and costly recruitment process. The staffing agency they enlist handles the recruitment process, including curating job ads and ad placement, sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, following-up, negotiating, and beyond to ensure they find the ideal match between the employee and organization.

Benefits of Direct Placement Staffing

1. Save Time

Sorting through and qualifying resumes, conducting pre-screens, scheduling interviews, and following-up with candidates can be time-consuming and daunting. Staffing agencies relieve that burden, leaving managers with more time and energy to focus on their day to day.

2. Save Money

Turnover can be costly, and studies have shown that 84% of new hires don’t live up to expectations. Direct placement recruiters have experience identifying red flags and company culture mismatches that reduce the likelihood of a bad hire. When looking into an agency, be sure to ask about replacement guarantees. We can’t speak for all agencies, but BDA Recruitment guarantees client satisfaction by replacing a hire at no charge if the company determines they are not a good fit within designated time frame. Keep in mind also, if you work with a contingency firm, a great benefit is that you only pay a fee if the agency finds the candidate you hire (Like BDA!)

3. Recruit for Hard-to-fill Positions

Positions that companies struggle to fill are often hard to hire for because the most qualified candidates already have a job and aren’t actively on job boards. Especailly in the current underemployed market. These are referred to as “passive” job seekers. When hiring internally, you are limited to your own networks and channels, making it difficult to connect with the right candidates. Dedicated recruiters have spent years developing large personal and professional networks and maintain expansive ATS databases to find both active and passive job seekers for your organization.

4. Attract Top Talent

Direct placement staffing agencies utilize their extensive knowledge and expert strategies to find and attract top talent. They have experience identifying strong candidates and company culture matches, increasing the quality of the candidates presented to you. Direct hire recruiters are tapped into the top recruitment methods and candidate motivators to appeal to even the most difficult to impress job seekers. With a dedicated strategy, they know how to find the right match for your team and can identify talent that traditional hiring platforms or methods may have never found. Then, through expert interview and pre-screening practices, they are able to determine the best fit, pinpoint the motivators, and successfully negotiate your terms.

What types of jobs are a right fit for Direct Placement Staffing?

  1. Manufacturing (Assembly, Warehouse, Machine Operator, Welders, Packer, Delivery Driver, etc)

  2. Maintenance & Skilled Technicians

  3. Customer Service

  4. Medical/Nursing

  5. Office/Clerical

  6. Sales

  7. Accounting

  8. Truck Drivers (CDL)

  9. IT/Software Developers

  10. Engineering

Have additional questions? Please reach out to us @ OR 512-963-4657

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