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BDA Recruitment - Medical Assistant Staffing Agency

As healthcare facilities face increasing patient volumes and staffing shortages, having the right medical assistants in place is crucial for efficient operations. However, hiring qualified medical assistants presents some unique challenges that a specialized staffing agency can help overcome.

Challenges in Medical Assistant Staffing

One of the biggest obstacles is simply finding workers in this high-demand field. Medical assistant jobs are projected to grow 18% from 2020 to 2030 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - much faster than average for all occupations. With so many open roles, it's an employee's market.

Healthcare employers also have stringent credential and certification requirements for medical assistants. Agencies that focus exclusively on healthcare have the industry expertise to properly vet candidates' training, licensing and skills during the screening process.

There are also compliance aspects to consider such as maintaining proper staff-to-patient ratios, HIPAA regulations, and other laws governing medical facilities. An experienced healthcare staffing partner understands these rules and regulations.

Why Use a Medical Assistant Staffing Agency?

While some large practices and hospitals have internal recruitment resources, most small-to-midsize healthcare facilities get valuable leverage from partnering with a dedicated medical staffing agency like BDA Recruitment. Here are some key benefits:

Access to Qualified Talent Pools

Staffing firms that specialize in medical staffing have deep talent networks of active and passive candidates from medical assistant programs, previous placements, their databases, and beyond. This expansive reach provides more options amid worker shortages.

Scalable, Flexible StaffingWhether you need one medical assistant or an entire team, staffing agencies provide the scalable flexibility to ramp up staffing quickly without the overhead of maintaining an internal recruitment team for fluctuating needs.

Reduced Time-to-Hire

With their finely-tuned processes and existing candidate pipelines, agencies can shorten lengthy hiring cycles. Their recruiters can move rapidly to source, screen, interview, check references and onboard quality medical assistants in a fraction of the time compared to doing it all yourself.

Industry Insight

As experts in the healthcare staffing realm, agencies bring specialized understanding of medical terminology, facility procedures, certification requirements, workplace laws and more. They can match candidates with ideal workplace fits.

By leveraging an experienced medical staffing partner like BDA Recruitment, healthcare facilities gain the benefits of rapidly deployed, fully-credentialed medical assistants through an efficient, headache-free process. Whether dealing with seasonal fluctuations, leaves of absence, or simply looking to expand capacity, medical staffing agencies provide the right solution at the right time.

Looking to hire great Medical Assistants? Contact us today for risk-free interviews this week! You're only charged if you make a great hire PLUS includes as no questions asked guarantee!

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